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Shift to Abundance and Happiness NOW!!!

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Shift to Abundance and Happiness

How to Shift to Abundance and Happiness at Warp Speed!

Are negative thoughts sabotaging your good mood? Did you let someone to push your buttons and take control of your happiness? Power Shifters to the rescue! Power Shifters are rapid mood changers that help you shift back to abundance and happiness at warp speed! They work because they are custom made just for you.

Create Power Shifters That Really Work

How do you banish that rotten mood? Mood is linked to both your conscious and your unconscious thoughts. In fact, you are creating your life right now through the thoughts you are thinking! Once you understand that, you realize that you have total control of your feelings by what you choose to think!

Power Shifters are your personal power tools to shift your thoughts and emotions to a place of abundance and happiness. To create your own customized Power Shifters ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do you love? Family, friends, mentors, beloved pets?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What makes you feel powerful and in control of your life?
  • What makes you relax and feel peaceful?
  • What are you looking forward to?

Write down the answers, adding to the list as you think of new shifters. Keep your list of Power Shifters somewhere close at hand like on your cellphone.

Some of My Favorite Power Shifters

Add any of these to your list if they appeal to you. Or use them to trigger your own ideas. Some of these you can use anywhere, even at work. Others are for when you have time to do some activity or go somewhere that will return you to abundance and happiness.

  1. Listen to audio books. I absolutely LOVE audio books. I subscribe to Audible and listen to all kinds of books while I work around the house, exercise, drive, etc. All you need is your computer, cellphone or mp3 player. My only rule is the book must motivate, inspire, make me laugh or otherwise put me in a good mood. Don’t put trash in your head! Some suggestions are motivational, self improvement or spiritual books. Books that are inspirational or have strong lead characters that you admire are also good choices. They can be biographies or fictional characters. I love whodunit type books and lately I’m hooked on urban fantasy with strong female characters. Keeping your mind occupied with something you enjoy can help break the habit of letting negative thoughts take charge. Get addicted to fun, constructive thoughts!
  2. Listen to your favorite music, sing or play an instrument. Music Therapy is an proven form of alternative healing, so why not do your own music therapy?
  3. Get out in nature. Take a walk, go swimming, go for a bike ride, do your favorite outside activity. Communing with nature restores your sense of connection with all living things so you don’t feel isolated with your problem. It brings peace and joy to your spirit.

Power Shifters You Can Do Anywhere

  1. Use essential oils to quickly lift your mood. In “How Does Aromatherapy Work?” I explain how essential oils powerfully affect emotions and trigger memories. If you know of a scent that brings back happy memories you can use that. Or select any essential oil you enjoy or that relaxes you.
  2. Meditate or practice slow, deep breathing for several minutes while you smile. Even just a few minutes of deep breathing while smiling can halt your thoughts and shift your thoughts back to a positive abundance mentality.
  3. Mentally go to your happy place. If you have a special place where you just love to be that makes you feel peaceful and happy, visualize being there. Make it as vivid in your mind as possible. What does it look like? What do you smell? Is the sun warm on your back? Is there a gentle breeze or waves lapping at the shore?

Your Constant Focus on Abundance

Practice shifting your mood back to abundance and happiness regularly until it becomes second nature. The more often you practice controlling your thoughts, the easier it becomes until you won’t tolerate negativity anymore.

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I’d love to hear what ideas you have come up with for your personal power shifters! Leave me a comment below or come over to my Facebook page and share your ideas!

With love,

Heather Beach



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