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Rolfing Review Part 2

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Rolfing Review Part 2

Rolfing Review Part 2

In Rolfing Review Part 2, my adventure in Rolfing continues as deeper layers of restrictions are removed and I learn to move in a whole new way. For Part 1, see Rolfing Review Part 1.

Rolfing Review | Sessions 4-7 The “Core” Sessions – On To Deeper Layers

Session 4: “Session Four concentrates on the inner leg from ankle to pelvis. Releasing this area facilitates lateral pelvic movement or hip swing from side to side.”

The inner leg is such a neglected area in most bodywork and it can get really constricted and tight. Session Four left my hips swinging like a sixteen year old’s (happy sigh) and began the process of thawing my frozen lower back.

Sessions 5 and 6: “Sessions Five and Six work more deeply to free restrictions in the quadriceps, hip flexors and abdominal region and then balance that off by working up the back line of fascia from the calves up through the middle of the back.”

If you hold a lot of tension in your lower back or have a sway back, these sessions are for you. They’re also great for people who spend a lot of time sitting.

I’m learning that small, incremental changes in posture and body mechanics can yield big results. Tiny changes allowed me to ‘get my foot in the door’ where pain prevented me from making progress in the past. I’m also learning that Rolfing is as much about educating as it is about great bodywork.

Session 7: “The focus of Session Seven is the head, neck and shoulders.”

This session left my neck and shoulders feeling very relaxed and my head feeling light and balanced over my shoulders. However, the best part came later. I was doing the neck exercises that John gave me when I noticed that the tender lump that has been in my neck for as long as I could remember had gone missing! Twenty years of chiropractic was unable to align that cervical vertebra and in one Rolfing session it shifted back into place!

Rolfing Review | Sessions 8-10 The “Integration” Sessions – Putting It All Together

Sessions 8, 9 and 10: “Sessions Eight, Nine and Ten integrate the work that has been done on individual body segments into one cohesive whole.”

This is where it all comes together. More cohesive, fluid movement is made possible by releasing restrictions and lengthening layers of muscle and fascia. I learned new patterns of movement, and took another step in the incremental healing process of an injury that occurred nearly 20 years ago.

I really liked the final advice John gave me on how to make these changes a natural and permanent part of my life. He suggested that I link postural reminders to my breath. As I inhale, I lengthen the back of my neck and align my shoulders, spine and hips as I have learned these past ten weeks. It just feels… sooo much more comfortable.

Rolfing Review | My Recommendation

Now that I completed the Rolfing 10-Series and some time has passed, how would I rate my experience? If you want to make structural changes to your posture, increase your flexibility and range of motion and improve your athletic performance it’s hard to beat Rolfing.

There is a line on John Doyle’s website that says:
“The Rolfing 10-Series is an especially powerful way to address the client’s body as a whole system because it is both gradual and progressive.”

I couldn’t agree more. Gradual and progressive can add up to impressive change. It did for me. As for my review of John Doyle, I couldn’t be happier with his work. He is experienced, skillful and highly effective. He really listens when you tell him what you are trying to accomplish and customizes your Rolfing sessions to meet your needs. I felt totally comfortable with him despite being in my skivvies.

Best of all, the Rolfing sessions are fun, feel great and the results are long lasting. I will definitely be back for more!

Have you received Rolfing? I’d love it if you would leave me a comment below or come over to my Facebook page and share your ideas!

With love,

Heather Beach



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